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29 November, 2006 DietDiva

Oh dear, where to the days go? Has it been a week already since my last lot of mutterings?  Apparently it is!

Boy do I feel yukky today.  Big Night last night… Rolled home at 2am and hubby poured me into bed.  Woke up this morning still intoxicated and had to be driven to the class.  Which was great and I lost 600 grams!!!!  Yayyyy!  Still, I think I may be celebrating a little too soon as the loss is probably due to dehydration caused by drinking too much last night. 😦

Oh no wonder they call it the “Silly Season” – with all the functions and parties going on.  It’s hard at this time of the year to not overindulge, but I am making a go of it.  The recipe today was a delicious Brandied Nut and Fruit Log done with filo.  It will be great for around Christmas time.

Oh and speaking of Crimbo, I really have to get my act together on that one.  Presents to buy etc.  Also tree to erect and decorate!  I love my tree and I always buy a new decoration (or 10) every year.  This year I have bought six new ones so far… Last year I got the tree up and decided that it needed more lights – so tottered up to The Warehouse and splashed out on another set.  Tree now has three sets of lights.  Oooh! Pretty!

Enough waffle! 😐


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  • 1. Yvonne  |  6 January, 2007 at 1:45 pm

    Hi DietDiva, have been following your diary and wondered hopw you where getting on. Not easy at this time of the year. I am now pursuing my last bit of weight loss with vim and vigour! (I hope)
    Hope all is going well with you and looking forward to reading some more entries.

  • 2. mingy  |  3 June, 2008 at 10:02 am

    Mingy says : I absolutely agree with this !

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