21 November, 2006 DietDiva

Don’t know what I was thinking of this morning, but I actually caught a glimpse of my naked, lumpy and pale body in the mirror whilst drying myself after my shower …Yuk!

Now, I usually try to avoid this situation, but I thought that taking a GOOD look at myself in this state, may encourage me when tempted to have another glass of wine/beer/gin/vodka/rum/insert other alcohol here.  So sucking in the tummy, I stood upright and faced my demons.  Not much I can do to disguise the thighs, but on closer examination of my “muffins”* – aka “love handles”, I decided that gravity was also a problem in this area.

You see, if you place your hands where your ribcage is (if you aren’t too sure because like me you can’t find your ribs under all the blubber – just guess roughly where they should be) and pull upwards towards your head, the “muffins” reduce dramatically in size!  Now if only I could hold this “muffin lift” in place by using duct tape somehow, then I would look thinner! Be warned tho’, when I let go, the wobble from my tummy was  enough to set off a giant tsunami if I had been doing this little excercise in the sea!

Oh dear…

Enough rambling.  It’s lunch time…. Yippeee!!! 🙂

BTW. This weeks Blog is proudly brought to you by the letter “Y” <big grin>

* For those who are blissfully unaware of why these lumps are called “muffins”, it’s cause the fat hangs out over the top of your pants like a muffin that has overflowed from the baking tray. 😉


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  • 1. sharon  |  22 November, 2006 at 1:20 am

    Hi, I think you are very brave to do this and I am following you all the way, go girl, I am also trying very hard.

  • 2. DietDiva  |  22 November, 2006 at 4:37 pm

    Thank you sweetie! I know you are trying too, so keep up the good work!

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