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So then she fell off the Wagon!

Well, actually it was the deck!!! Well, not quite… I’ll explain…

It was such a gorgeous afternoon yesterday that after work I decided to sit out on my deck and laze a bit in the sun before dinner.  Dinner was going to be easy as hubby was away overnight in Wellington and Big Son was coming home after Seven-a-Side soccer to have dinner with me before going back to his place over at Mt. Wellington.  I had a nice smoked chicken salad all ready and was just having a nice laze on the deck when it suddenly occurred to me that there were some “new” beers lurking in the fridge downstairs.

These “new” beers are low carb and I bought a six pack a couple of weeks ago for just such an afternoon with the gorgeous afternoon sun warming my poor tired bones and a book in hand for company. (Currently reading Au Revoir: Running Away from Home at Fifty by Mary Moody).  So I thought I’d have one to celebrate the arrival of summer.  BIG mistake!

When Big Son finally arrived at 8pm, I was on my third and I HAD to have another one with him.  This left one poor lonely bottle in the fridge – which I hasten to add, is ACTUALLY still there!

So! Hence it was the deck and the weather’s fault that I “fell off the wagon”.  Yeah, Right! Well I have to blame anyone or anything but myself…

I have just blown my whole alcohol allowance in one day and it’s not even the weekend yet.  Gosh, is there ANY hope for me???

But today is a new day…

Started well with brekkie and will have a yummy salad and salmon filled pita bread planned for lunch.  Still wondering what to have for dinner.  Ah and it’s raining – so no chance of quaffing the last bottle in the sun tonight! 😉


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